A Guide to Fun Games for a Dance Party

Fun Games to Play With Kids is one way to get them interested in the physical aspects of sports and physical activity. Parents, too, can take advantage of fun games to play with their kids that force them to pay attention to the details of their physical activities. In this article I will review two such games:

fun games

Pass the parcel. Pass the Parcel is a fun game for parents and children alike. Divide your party into groups of two or more players. Each group is given a parcel of either cardboard or paper, a flag and a parcel. The objective is for all players to complete the parcel by the time given.

Two thumbs up or two thumbs down indicates a yes (not a no) from one player and a no (no) from another player. The music stops when a yes is received and the music starts when a no is received. This makes for interesting decisions for parents to make. For example, if one player wants to have a dance party and receives a yes, it is probably not a good idea to have a dance party right then because their teammate is going to need to receive a no to continue.

Two or more pencils are laid on the floor. A circle of six players take turns drawing circles. Each player takes turns choosing a player who does not draw a circle and becomes their target. Players take turns keeping track of the number of circles drawn by the target. At the end of the round, the player with the most circles is the winner.

Hot Potato. This fun game requires that each person in the game to hold a hot potato in their hands. They cannot touch the hot potato with any part of their hands. If a player touches the hot potato with any part of their hand they are out.

Pencil Tic-Tac-Toe. In this pencil-paper games you use three pencils, one to create a triangle and two for the legs to cross over the center of the triangle and one for the bottom to hide. The objective of the game is for the players to try to create the tic-tac-toe shape as long as possible without letting the others catch them.

Tic-Tac-Toe is a variation of hide and seek. Instead of trying to figure out where the others are you are trying to figure out how your opponent ran into them. The first player hides. The second player comes in and tries to find the first player. The first player will get a point if they can locate the other player within a specified time limit.

Cootie Tic. This is the version of hide and seek with a twist. The object is for the first player to hide a cootie (dog) and the second player to try to find the cootie by touching it with any part of their body part. If the first player finds the cootie they have to release it from their body before the other player can release theirs. The winner is the player with the most cooties.

No More Bull. This game is great for younger children. A parent will need to remove a strip of fabric from a child’s back and attach a magnet to it. The magnet will not allow any skin to come up over the magnet so that the child cannot put the strip on their back. The first player will need to search for the strip and remove it from their back while the other players try to put the magnet back on and take it off.

I Spy on My Son. This is a game that has been around for years but it has recently become even more popular. For this game, one person will be blindfolded and that person will be sitting in the chair of the blindfolded person. They will not be able to see or hear anything that is going on around them so they will have to guess what is going on without being able to see or hear it. The first person to guess right will get a one point.

Don’t Play With Me, I’m Your Daddy. This is an excellent choice for older children as well. An adult can be the player and they can wear whatever they want while they are playing this fun game. This is a great dance party game that can also have a very adult feel to it. This is one fun choice that can be played by both male and female players.

These are just a few fun games that can be played at your next party. Be creative and use the ideas above. There is no reason why a party can’t be a success with the amount of fun games that you can have. Have fun!